Website Security | By Lily's Florist Jakarta

Lily’s Florist Jakarta’s website is more secure than a bank. Incredible huh, yes, but truthfully we mean it. We have made a massive investment into website security and is hosted in the U.S by the premier hosting company in the world – the server sits on a lightning fast SAS 70 TYPE II server, put simply, this type of server is faster and more secure than any bank in Indonesia.

When you choose to pay with PayPal as a payment option PayPal does not record your Credit Card information so you are very safe, if you choose to use our payment gateway and pay by credit card Lily’s Florist Jakarta has chosen to integrate with a company called Eway who are actually based in Asia and Australia – Eway actually manage an incredible 25% of all online transactions in Australia, it made total sense to team up with a company with that much power and security. On that note, Eway has an amazing partnership with Symatec, Geotrust, and Thawte so you can be fully sure your sensitive data is very safe

As far as SSL secutry goes we have chosen to protect our website with GeoTrust – the most secure SSL on the web.