The Vanity Fair

The Vanity Fair

Tear a page from your favourite love story and relive the moment with The Vanity Fair. Know the feeling of being luxuriously inlove with this posh rose bouquet that will definitely entangle your romantic musings with fresh red roses delivered right on your recipient’s doorstep.

We won’t lie to you, this floral arrangement of roses, verdant foliage, embraced with faux fur has seen many love stories unfold and bask in the luminous nature of love. It’s never too late to be known as a ‘romantico’ send one now for same day delivery.

The Vanity Fair can also make a nice gift that will make an impression to anyone you will give it to. You will surely hear a ‘whoa’ and a mouthful of thanks from someone who is celebrating a birthday or someone who won an important competition. It’s a combination of all pretty things and it can readily be yours by just using your Iphones, Android phones, or desktop computers. Learn more about this product and other freebies in our detailed website.

Our Jakarta florists do not only design fresh cut roses but also give you a service unlike no other. Find out for yourself and be the bearer of the most glamorous bouquet of roses in town.