The Unforgettable

The Unforgettable

Aptly named, 'the unforgettable', this bouquet has been designed to give to someone as a gift of love, and so that you can tell them how unforgettable they are.

What is in the bouquet?

Let's start with Red Geberas, they are sassy, bright and bold, as they are red and profess loudly that you are in love with someone. The comes the pastel pink carnations, wow, they are just so amazing, and work so well with the red gerberas. We then add a generous serving of locally grown greenery that perfectly blends with the pink and the red flowers.

The unforgettable is available for same day delivery to all Jakarta suburbs, including Central Jakarta.

Caring for gerberas & carnations.

* Both flowers in this bouquet are generally quite thirsty so please ensure that they are placed into a vase as soon as they are received.
* Please change the water every two days - use filtered water if possible
* Wash vase every 2 days
* Add 1.2 teaspoon of sugar (gula) every two day