The 3 Magic Words

The 3 Magic Words

Our 3 Magic Words flower bouquet communicates beauty, charm, and fragrance. What about you? What are the 3 magic words you would want to say but can’t?

You really don’t have to blurt out words every single time. That is where flowers become handy – it simply describes what kind of 3 words you want to tell someone. Is it ‘I love you,’ ‘I miss you,’ ‘You are special,’ or a simple ‘How are you?’

Three words will always have a variety of meaning and intention but when you give these 3 white roses with purple and white limonium caspea, the message is universal – it speaks of love, friendship, and a bond like family.

Order this hand bouquet and send it to a loved one or anyone random friend or acquaintance. You will definitely make a lasting impression to anyone you send this to. Lily’s Florist Jakarta delivers flowers on-demand, all you have to do is call our florists or order online to send flowers and gift items to your recipient, Jakarta-wide.