Fast forward to the event you were planning about for weeks...was there anything important you missed to prepare?

Hope it’s not flowers! Especially not roses! This isn’t an overreaction but the truth behind the impact of flowers in each person. The colors, the fragrance - everything about it are a gift full of optimism and hope.

Roses are for both sunny and rainy days. It brings joy and comfort and it is as good as a genuine concern of a friend or a tight hugging from our loved one. For you, we want you to have Sweetheart. Sweetheart is a rose arrangement designed by our passionate florists. It dons a horizontal arrangement – an absolutely fabulous display anywhere.

Receiving flowers gives the same benefits as when we send them to people who matters to us. It makes us feel better and reassured. With this unique floral rose arrangement, you can let go of the sulking and appreciate life with the crisp dewy red petals and the enticing aromatic smell of roses.

Yes! Get carried away and spread the good vibes roses give. How? Send one to a random friend! You can order Sweetheart for same day delivery and complement it with an extra item like balloons and a teddy bear.