Sweet Escape By Lily's Florist Jakarta

Sweet Escape By Lily's Florist Jakarta

This gorgeous and cute rose bouquet features six romantic roses. A perfect way to show love, romance, that you care. Sweet Escape is ideal for a birthday or any celebration that you would like to make more memorable like Mother’s Day. Valentine’s Day, or Christmas Day. If you have got no time to choose and no budget to splurge with, escape the hassle with this alluring bouquet for only $29.

Roses definitely have something extraordinary because of how it affects people when it is given to them. Alongside the romance is a gesture that expresses wanting, longing may it be for a romantic relationship or as simple as friendship.

Believe it or not, you can order Sweet Escape the same day. Yes! That means no need to escape work or look for someone to buy the flowers for you. By just using your mobile devices or desktop computer, you can already have this delivered to your recipient with no hassle.

These flowers are available for same day delivery to all Jakarta suburbs in Indonesia.