Sunlight Vista By Lily's Jakarta Florist

Sunlight Vista By Lily's Jakarta Florist

We are Lily's Jakarta Florist, a well known, premier birthday flowers delivery florist in Jakarta!

We stock a massive range of stunning birthday flowers that are guaranteed to bring loads of smiles - our Sunlight Vista takes the spotlight.

Why should your order for Sunlight Vista?

First, you there is a person you want to surprise with flowers that can surely impress. Our Sunlight Vista is all about impressing especially with its show of fresh cut yellow and white gerbera daisies which always seem to sing a happy tune.

Next is you want to greet someone a happy birthday. The reason why Sunlight Vista is included among our birthday flowers is because it manifests all a ball of happy energy that is ever needed during birthday celebrations.

Finally, you want to let your heart out and express your truest thoughts to someone. Gerbera Daisies are known to symbolise goodwill and friendship. These finest blossoms can easily communicate your good thoughts to someone.

Is Sunlight Vista for you?

Yellow gerberas - check, White daisies - check, birthday smiles check! Sorted, and that’s a YES!

Believe in the sun-kissed power of Sunlight Vista flower bouquet. Order online or call a Jakarta florist today.