Sincere Heart

Sincere Heart

This flower bouquet would go really well for someone who is having a birthday at work, someone who wants to spice up their romantic side, and someone who wants to tell the whole office how they feel!

Sincere Heart is your gateway to fulfilling your heart’s desires while getting some approval from your recipient. Isn’t that convenient? Ordering this irresistible floral package is so convenient too.

All you got to do is go online and select Sincere Heart from our roster of birthday flowers. The bouquet features Hydrangeas in lime color partnered with red gerberas. Our flower experts have created this magnificent foliage because red and green fit perfectly together and did we mention its gerberas and hydrangeas? Too good to be true but we’re giving it to you now!

Hydrangeas Fun Facts!

There are 80 different types of Hydrangeas.

The grow everywhere - from here in Jakarta, to Bali, to Central and South America and Australia.

Here in Asia giving someone pink Hydrangeas means that your heartbeats are in sync.

Hydrangeas are one of the thirstiest vase flowers there is, so water them every day!

Hydrangeas colors are a direct result of minerals in the soil they are growing in.