Stop lingering with your thoughts and do something about it. Can’t stop thinking about the girl you like? Be ready for the unfolding of a love story as Jakarta Florist brings love and romance in flowers with our rose flower arrangements.

Jakarta Florist does not stop at arranging flowers, we want each floral masterpiece to say the words you can’t say and express the emotions you cannot show. This time, we are showcasing our local florists’ talent through skilfully designed rose bouquets, rose bunches, wrapped roses, and roses in glass vase. We are your trusted delivery florist and we will help you create an unforgettable moment with the special person on your mind right now.

We won’t take no for an answer, our team of florists and couriers are always ready to serve you. Get a glimpse of our wide array of rose floral creations in our regularly updated catalogue in our website. Order and pay with ease and we will take it from there.

Are you thinking twice about sending roses to the apple of your eye? Let us help you with these quick tips of knowing when to send roses to your special someone.

On birthdays and anniversaries

These significant moments truly need the presence of lovely roses. Make sure that the roses are artistically designed, pretty enough to melt the heart of your recipient. Just a reminder if you are sending to your recipient’s office address, check if she is ok with the attention she will be getting from colleagues because if not, you better send the bouquet to her home address. Try sending our affordable ‘The 3-Word Sentence’ or our Primary Significance presenting a bunch of red roses inside a chic glass vase.

On offering peace and reconciliation

In every relationship, there will be moments of misunderstanding. Don’t let a good relationship go wrong, patch things up with roses. Send an embrace of apology with our Cuteness at Play rose bouquet or our Pretty Paws.
On wooing someone’s heart

Nothing else to say, we have the best rose arrangements for your confession of love. Jakarta Florist presents Love Promise, Be Mine, and Raining Kisses. All encumbered with the grace and passion of roses plus a subtle promise of your heart’s desires for your recipient.

Reveal what is in your heart and never deny love where it is supposed to be. Let roses by Jakarta Florist create the moment you have been waiting for. Let Jakarta Florist open that door.