Roseate Kiss

Roseate Kiss

Featuring, among other fine things, this bouquet comes with a free vase that definitely means that the flowers you send will last longer. Not only the freshness of flowers will last longer but also gives ease since the floral gift is ready for display. Roseate Kiss is undoubtedly the kind of kiss you have longed for so long.

What’s in it for you with our Roseate Kiss? First is the plush and pretty pink sparkle right in front of your eyes, then come the lush white lilies, enormously fragrant, bright, and show off true signs of purity of love.

We then add some medium stemmed pink roses when, combined with the white lilies, both have the most amazing contrast. To further add contrast we then carefully place some perfect pink carnations, and what a great finish it makes!

No matter who your recipient is, it may be your relative or someone at work; they will truly react in joy when they receive a tangible kind of joy like Roseate Kiss.

This is a top-end bouquet for the person looking to make quite a bold statement to someone they love or care about especially if that person is celebrating their birthdays. Make it special, order Roseate Kiss now.