Refund Policy | Lily's Florist Jakarta | Indonesia

Lily’s Florist Jakarta has developed a unique refund policy in that hope of creating trust with new customers and to provide a transparent view of what the process would look like if for some reason the order process get to a point like this.

Lily’s Florist Jakarta as also created a refund policy to protect both you, the consumer, and Lily’s Florist Jakarta the retailer. Also, to be completely verified with our payment gateways providers, like PayPal and Eway, we must have this policy clear for all to see who visit our website.

We would be happy to discuss a refund, either by live chat, by phoning us, or by emailing us, if you feel that:
  • The flowers that were received were not what you ordered
  • The flowers you ordered were in some way either damaged or wilted to some degree upon delivery
  • The flowers were not what you were expecting
  • The flowers were not the value you were expecting
  • The flowers were delivered to the wrong address
To enter into any type of discussion about the above points you must email, SMS, or WhatsAPP us a picture of the flowers so we can make an assessment of your claim. Without a picture there is nothing we can do. The must be brought to our attention within 20 minutes of delivery due the to extreme climate of Jakarta.

If you are able to get a picture of the flowers to us, like mentioned above, will need some time to assess your claim. If it is agreed that the flowers that were deliver4ed by Lily’s Florist Jakarta were not up to our incredibly high standards one of 3 things will happen:
  1. You must first, and foremost, allow us the opportunity to deliver new flowers. We will go out of our way to include an apology note to the new bunch of flowers
  2. An agreed compromise will be made between both parties and the agreed value will either be credited back to your credit card, or to your PayPal account
  3. If there is no solution found, and all is agreement, then a full refund will be given – this will usually happening within 24 hours of the claim being settled, and will usually take 2-5 business days to be credited in ordered by credit card, and instant if ordered by PayPal
We would like to emphasise that we will do everything in our power to ensure that when you order flowers, we simply get them on time, and meet your expectations.

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