Pretty Paws - By Lily's Florist Jakarta

Pretty Paws - By Lily's Florist Jakarta

Pretty Paws, By Lily's Florist Jakarta, is a classic gift and very popular.

The answer as to why it's so popular in Jakarta most likely boils down to the merging of stunning gerberas, roses, and the especially cute teddy bear that we give to you for FREE. Yes, you read it right...our gift to you...for that someone.

Can you imagine the feeling of love and how impressed 'that person' will be upon receiving this thoughtful gift of flowers & a teddy bear?

More than impressed, he or she will be delighted! It’s not every day that they receive their favorite things like flowers and teddy bears on their front door, it makes them feel special and appreciated.

Since dogs and cats can’t simply be delivered, we are putting the cuteness of their paws with our very own Pretty Paws! Spread the good vibes and order this for your partner, mother, sibling, friend, or that someone you have been meaning to get to know more!

Our Indonesian and English speaking florists and couriers will be the ones to take care of your needs so order away!