Modest Elegance - By Lily's Florist Jakarta

Modest Elegance - By Lily's Florist Jakarta

Featuring gorgeous Pink phalaenopsis orchid this is really a Jakarta florist masterpiece. It's also very popular with locals and overseas expats alike. Ask why? Perhaps it's the price point, the stunning color, or maybe it's the longevity of this type of flower.

Whatever the case these flowers are guaranteed to make someone you love or care about smile, and all day! It is also a favorite purchase of our patrons when they are not sure what to give to a man. Orchids are one of the best flowers for all genders because its beauty is neutral, and the subtle but appealing appearance fits any ambience.

Remember this comes in a vase/pot, so it will last a long time, it's great for the office or the home.

Order for yourself or a friend and it will be on express delivery by our couriers. Great customer service await you -only here at Lily’s Florist Jakarta.