Milky White

Milky White

Stunning bouquet of white gerbera daisies wrapped in perfect paper, filled with locally picked greens to really bring to life the whites in the gerberas. If you want to be appreciated but not come as too straightforward, Milky White is as good as creating a lasting impression.

There are circumstances that we need to give someone we are only acquainted with and do not share a special bond with. Let’s say your boss, or a new neighbor next door, or it could also be a new co-worker. It can also be people from your past like your pre-school best friend or a former teacher. If they are celebrating their birthdays or maybe an important life event, you can give them Milky White.

Milky White may not be too embellished but make no mistake – it is never plain looking. Its appeal is subtle but the beauty overwhelming. Juts right to give to someone you merely know but want to make feel special.

We also tie the bouquet with ribbon that suits other remarkable milestones. For example, if you were going to send this bouquet as a romantic gesture we would most likely tie with ribbon in either pink in yellow.

Occasions? Milky White is also perfect for the following:

> New baby's
> Romance
> Wedding anniversary