Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm

When spoiling is a must, be it for a birthday, wedding anniversary, or you are merely wanting to make a statement to a potential 'special someone', you may want to consider sending them our amazing, aptly named, Lucky Charm.

Get an instant whisk of satisfaction with all the luck you will seem to have when you give this to that person you are thinking right now. Who might it be? Is it your mother, sister, best gal pal or maybe your new office mate who looks interesting and you would like to know more? Lucky Charm is a sunny day turned into flowers and anyone who gets their hands on this will truly feel the punch of optimism right in front of their eyes.

The bouquet features 3 gorgeous Sunflowers, with freshly picked greenery as backing for the flowers, which makes the yellow bounce in color big time! You would not dare miss this sun-kissed deal because it’s one of your few passes to make someone smile.
Don’t throw away a second because you are stuck in a dilly dally with your mind on what flowers to choose, get lucky and order yourself or someone with exquisite sunflowers fancily wrapped in chic paper, embellished with complementing flora fillers to complete the ensemble.

Like with all our product, our Lucky Charm is available for same day delivery to all Jakarta locations.