I'm Yours

I'm Yours

Want to make a profound statement about how you feel about someone? Want to show someone how much you care? Why not do that, and more, with sending flowers.

This bouquet features mixed, fresh, White Daisies and Red Roses, it's wrapped in gorgeous flower paper, then tied together in lovely ribbon.

For occasion may this suit?

> Romance
> For a birthday
> Graduation
> Job promotion
> Holidays

However, don’t wait for any special occasion to make someone feel adored and appreciated, you can give I’m Yours at any ordinary day even on a random thought – your recipient will surely appreciate this unexpected but pleasant gesture from you.

Do you have any questions about this product? Don’t hesitate to communicate with our expert florists online or via telephone call. They will respond to your questions and deliver your flowers in a snap.

Lily’s Florist Jakarta delivers farm fresh flowers the same day or next day.