Meaningful bouquet of Carnations, 12 white flowers in total, wrapped in florist paper, hand tied with a lovely ribbon. This definitely gives you fortune through dozen of divine flowers.

Your recipient will feel glamorous and important at the same time when they receive this during their birthday or in every moment you want them to feel they are being thought of every day.

Fun facts about Carnations:

In ancient Greek times the Carnation was known as the 'flower of the gods.'

Often, white Carnations will oddly change color after adding them to a vase with water, they may also change color slightly when you add flower nutrients. Rest assured the beauty of carnations is intact and in top condition.

Most Carnation colors have some intrinsic meaning. Send red for romance, send pink for Mother's Day, and white of course means being pure. Show that someone how pure your intentions are with Fortuna. When you can’t say it through words, say it with flowers and you will never regret sending this.

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