Flower Delivery Information | By Lily's Florist Jakarta

Lily’s Florist Jakarta is the #1 florist in Jakarta, Indonesia!

So how did Lily’s Florist Jakarta achieve this? It was simply achieved by delivering high quality flowers on time, stocking long lasting and value for money flowers, having a trustworthy and mobile friendly website (the first of its kind in Indonesia), and by providing an extremely high level of customer service.

When you order flowers with Lily’s Florist Jakarta, going to any location in Jakarta, you will be required to pay a courier fee – the fee is $12AUD or around 120,000Rp. That fee helps us to both pay our couriers and to ensure that the flowers you order get to any location in Jakarta – after all it’s an EPIC city!

Being an epic city, it comes with epic traffic as those who have visited Jakarta well know. So with that Lily’s Florist Jakarta will never, ever, guarantee a delivery time, it is just impossible to do that – we are just being honest when we say that. What we can promise is that the person you are sending flowers to WILL get their flowers the day they ordered them.

Although Lily’s Florist Jakarta does offer a same day flower delivery service to all of Jakarta, generally, our cut off for same day flowers is approximately 1pm the day you want them delivered. There are circumstances however when we can bend the rules.

In order for us to guarantee same day flowers there is an onus on you, the customer, to provide some critical information to help:
  • When placing your flower order either online, or by phone, it is essential you provide us with accurate contact details for yourself. That is your name, email address, and contact phone number
  • The exact address details of where they flowers are going to be delivered
  • If possible, you must also provide us with a contact number of the person you are going ot be sending flowers to. It is unusual that we would spoil the surprise and call them, however, from time to time, it may be necessary if, for example, you are not contactable and we urgently need to clarify something important for the flowers to be delivered