Fleur De Sun - By Lily's Florist Jakarta

Fleur De Sun - By Lily's Florist Jakarta

Perhaps a special friend is having a birthday, it's your wedding anniversary, or you just want to spoil your girlfriend, whatever the case is, this stunning bouquet of sun flowers will be a hit. A Jakarta best seller!

Indulge yourself to a daydream full of sunflowers, wouldn’t that be lovely? It’s ok to think about happy things because that is what gets us going. With Fleur De Sun, your thoughts of joy can become reality – Lily’s Jakarta Florist is one call and click away to fulfill your floral fantasy.

Sometimes, we can’t help but feel homesick and we miss the people we love most. Don’t let distance hinder you from reaching out to them, our themed flower creations like Fleur De Sun will make the miles turn into smiles once your recipient gets your floral gift.

Order flowers going to Jakarta online or call a florist today! Fleur De Sun is available for same day delivery.