Do you like hugs? Do you like colors? How about sweet scents?

If you answer yes to all three questions, then we have something for you! Jakarta Florist gives you the best of both worlds as we give you our floral packages all teamed up with squishy, cuddly teddy bears!

It’s not like this is new to you. Ever since we were kids, teddy bears make us shout for delight and then we’d come running hugging this ever so adorable stuff toy. The unwavering effect of teddy bear to people is perfect to be paired with the timeless beauty of flowers. It can’t get any better than this heaven made duo.

Our Teddy Bear gifts are especially crafted to take you back to the happy moments, much like the ones you had when you were a kid. The moment you give this to your recipient, relationships are nourished, connections are made, and friendships become stronger.
Order a teddy bear flower gift now and we will deliver it the same day or next day to your recipient in Jakarta. If you have an urgent need to send the same day, you can order by 2 PM cut-off time for your same day floral gift with teddy.

Be a darling and give a floral hug to your family and friends. Teddy Bears are soft and cuddly; giving it to someone you love is like telling them that they always have a soft spot in your heart. Give them the Bear Aphrodite, featuring a dance between rich red gerberas and a teddy bear.

Cheer up a sad loved one. Teddy Bears have a fixed smile, always ready to uplift someone who feels down. Just like our Sunny Compliment with a sunflower accentuated with green foliage. Surely the best way to start and end the day.

Confess your forever love with Forever Yours. A bouquet of red roses accompanied by a blissfully white teddy bear is a winning way to get your most-awaited YES!

“You can count on me, always.” Say those words with your teddy bear wing man in our Standing By You floral ensemble. This tall vertical arrangement of three red rosebuds with free teddy is all it takes to signify your support for a friend in need.

Jakarta Florist’s artisan flower creations with free teddy bears are the kind of gift that you can give that can offer a hug and a message of love anytime, anywhere no matter how far you may be.