Bear Aphrodite By Lily's Florist Jakarta

Bear Aphrodite By Lily's Florist Jakarta

This cute little package is well priced, and very impressive, perhaps for an impulsive purchase when it's too late to grab something from the shops! Yes, you can buy this on-hand especially when you don’t have extra time to personally shop for your gift-giving affair.

Lily’s Florist Jakarta is your go-to online delivery florist that can deliver fresh flowers from farm to doorstep. Get most from the world wide web when you visit our website and order Bear Aphrodite for the child in you, your family, and friends! Regardless of age, this floral package can still excite your childlike heart.

The package highlights are: 3 adorable Red Roses, some greenery to fill our flower bouquet, and a soft and cuddly teddy bear.

When you order prior the cut-off time of 2 PM on Mondays to Fridays, we can deliver your flowers the same day, otherwise, we will deliver it the earliest possible time the next day.