A Playful Kiss - Delivery Florist Jakarta

A Playful Kiss - Delivery Florist Jakarta

A Playful Kiss features glorious pink or peach toned flowers and the highlight is the appearance of stunning roses!

These amazing flowers are a perfect romantic gift for someone you love, ideal for a birthday of someone you care about, or simply just because you can - which happens to be our favorite reason.

Be as silly and playful like this bundle of perky roses and never go scarce with the affection you can give. That is what they say, if you have plenty then give a lot. A Playful Kiss has a lot to offer aside from its fragrant overflowing with charm blooms it also gives you a chance to be you and let your inner generosity flow from your heart to your recipient’s.

It’s a Playful Kiss but don’t limit these lovely flowers to romance because it can also be the main cast on birthdays, baby showers, and holidays. You can also gift this on ordinary days that require a huge smile and maybe an enormous hug too.

A Playful Kiss is available for same day delivery to any location in Jakarta, Indonesia. Order flowers online going to Jakarta, or call a delivery florist in Jakarta today!

Enjoy your time shopping for flowers!